How to Add Airport Time Capsule to Existing Network on OSX 10.9 Mavericks

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13 Responses

  1. Spooner says:

    When connected via WiFi, can I use the ethernet ports to connect other hardware via ethernet to the main network? Thanks

  2. Baulkham says:

    Good evening…just got an older 2 tb time capsule. With these instructions (which are very clear and easy) can this time capsule be added to a network where the primary wireless router in not an apple? Its a buffalo wireless. If that is the case and I can use time capsule to extend the network should I keep it next to my imac so it can backup thru ethernet or will it still work wirelessly?

    • Ron says:

      Hi Baulkham, No it can’t be added to a wireless network unless it’s an apple. It can only extend apple router. You can keep it next to your router though. Once it’s connected to your router by Ethernet, it will be available wirelessly. Hope this helps.

      • Baulkham says:

        Thank you for the prompt reply. If I did plug the tc into my wireless router via ethernet won’t I actually have two competing wireless networks going on at the same time? I understand I can set tc to bridge mode. Is it best to have the tc connected thru ethernet to the macs it is backing up so as not to overload wireless network?

        • Ron says:

          Hi. The reason why you attach your tc to your router by ethernet is to let it join your network. If your afraid that you will have two competing wireless network then you don’t create a new network. You can select to join existing network. I believe backing up is only done wirelessly. I suggest you schedule your backup when you need your internet the least.

  3. Patrick says:

    After I select add to existing network its still prompting me to set up. I don’t see the option to add to existing, its making me create a new network

    • Ron says:

      Hi Patrick,

      Please ensure that both MAC OS X and Airport Utility are updated then try again. This tutorial is designed for OSX 10.9. There might be new updates. Good luck!

  4. H. Escobar says:

    Damn — I had searched all over and found nothing but can’t be done without an Ethernet connection. Almost spent $100 on a bridge. But these instructions actually worked! A big thank you!!

    • Ron says:

      Hi H. Escobar,
      We are glad this workout for you and we really appreciate you giving us a feedback. That’s a lot of money you save there! Cheers!
      Please do follow us on facebook or share us with your friends. That would really mean a lot! Thank you.

  5. Loongshifu says:

    Will setting up this way still enable auto backup of Mac to the time capsule ( as this is one of the main reason for buying the time capsule)

    • Ron says:

      Hi Loongshifu, Yes it will. Furthermore, it will also be available for Back to My Mac, where in you can access your files remotely using other MAC computer outside your local network. I using this setup right now.