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How to set Adsense Payments to Wire Transfer

Steps by step tutorial on how to set Adsense Payments to Bank Transfer.

How to embed facebook post update on

Steps on how to embed facebook post update on wordpress.orgĀ 

Solve Error Too Many Redirects on WordPress Site

This webpage has a redirect loop ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS To solve this error you have to go to your ftp file manager and edit your .htaccess then enter the following code.

How to Optimise Your WordPress Blog

Here are some tips on how to improve the performance of your WordPress blog: 1. Reduce the number of posts on the front page of your blog 2. Install anti-spam plugins in order to...

How to resolve: Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons Error

Having problem with your newly installed, WordPress / Joomla or other CMS Website? And is this error keep on appearing to your website? Webhost limits this things to make your website more secured. And...

How to Insert Google Ads in Your WordPress Post Using Shortcode

Aside from putting ads on sidebars, header and footer. Including ads inside your post will help on increasing revenue from Google Ads. This is the easiest way to have that ads on your post...

How to Add Snow Effect on WordPress

Gear up your blog for the holidays! There is nothing more cooler than a snow effect on your blog. Add a snow effect on WordPress 3.8 in the fastest way possible.

Create Your Own Currency Converter Powered by Google

Create your own currency converter using Free Google API Step 1: Create new HTML file modify design as desired. Step 2: Insert this lines to your HTML codes <iframe src=”” height=”240″ width=”320″></iframe> Preview:  ...

WordPress Custom CSS by Jetpack

Jetpack for WordPress launches a new type of feature which enables user to edit CSS themes without affecting your current themes CSS. It has the ability to combine your theme’s CSS and a custom...

Resolve Maintenance Error in WordPress

Mainly caused when an update has been interrupted during process. WordPress automatically creates a “.maintenance” file which makes the website temporarily unavailable. During this maintenance visitors will see this message: Briefly unavailable for scheduled...