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Download Windows 7 SP1 ISO FREE Multi Language

Download Windows 7 SP1 ISO FREE Multi Language

Windows 7 SP1 ISO Download Links Including English and Foreign Language Versions: 2147483647 X17-24208.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x86 English 2147483647 X17-24209.iso Windows 7 Home Premium x64 English

How to Connect to Network Location in MAC OS X

Unlike windows, MAC has a different way to connect to shared network files or network devices. To connect to your network follow this simple steps: 1. Click Finder

Grab App Alternative Screen Capture on MAC OS X

Are you having trouble on finding the screen capture on your desktop? Screen capture on mac isn’t working? Don’t worry there’s an alternative for the keystroke screen capture. Try the new Grab App. Location:...

Send Email Over 25MB by Dropbox & YahooMail

Yahoo! Mail now has Dropbox built in. Now you can attach stuff from Dropbox to emails you send (even if they’re over 25 MB), or save the attachments you receive back to Dropbox.

How to Add Time Capsule to an Existing Wireless Network

  1. Open Launchpad then Airport Utility

Do It Yourself Shutdown Button For Windows 8

Here’s the steps on how to create your own shutdown button: Go to your Desktop, press mouse right click anywhere. Select New, then Shortcut

How to Shut Down Your Microsoft Windows 8?

Where to find shut down button on Windows 8? There are three ways on how to shut down your computer on windows 8: Sign out your user, at the bottom right, select the power...

Create Your Own Currency Converter Powered by Google

Create your own currency converter using Free Google API Step 1: Create new HTML file modify design as desired. Step 2: Insert this lines to your HTML codes <iframe src=”” height=”240″ width=”320″></iframe> Preview:  ...

Photoshop CS6 Auto Recovery and Background Save

Adobe Photoshop Latest version CS6 now offers, Auto Recovery and Background Save. We normally heard this Auto Recovery when we use Microsoft Office which enables auto recovering of your documents or files in such...

Browse Website Without Getting Tracked

Browse Website Without Getting Tracked – helps you keep your personal information safe. It avoid you from being track while visiting website without using software that hides your IP. It allows you to browse blocked websites anywhere in...