There’s a handful of site that offers twitter background designs and paying $79+ would do. But what if, you don’t have to go through with that and pay as much as $0. Intrigue?
Having no knowledge in Photoshop can be frustrating at times, especially when personalizing your Twitter Background and you’d end up using the default design. This site would help you how.
Free Twitter Designer is a web-based application for your Twitter background that outstandingly offers a free service. I explored some of the free platform site with same features but don’t have this kind of remarkable application. Creating your background would be easy as a pie, it allows you to use its manageable interface with a sytematic tools which would bring out your creativity and tweak around with the designs, and you’d be an instant graphic designer with it. I actually got addicted creating backgrounds and you won’t actually feel that it’s in beta phase. There are fewer things still to add up, for instance additional fonts, but still, you can be creative to upload images and play around with it. This will give you options to do more, that would release the inner artistry in you.
First off, you’d be welcome to enter your twitter account or even without. I would suggest to access it with your twitter because this would be useful upon exporting your customize background rather than uploading it, but it will also give you options to decide.
*click images to enlarge
Then you’d be given choices to start with a theme or create from a scratch and ingenious yourself with what’s ahead, for a more personalize background. There are 11 themes to choose from.



On the edit pane, you can add text to inform, shapes to present and upload your own images, change the standard twitter window, and the best part is you can edit your background on your chosen screen resolution to appear more appealing and fit in utterly.


Standard View


*tip: you can even drag the editor pane to suit your editing needs.

Now, with Twitter Overlay you can turn on and off the twitter window to have some workspace for you and your background or by clicking “Ghost” button it will have a fade effect. You can change a text, shape, or image; width, height and also fade it or rotate. It can also be clone, blend it with each object or choose from any of the filters.


Add text and choose from 10 fonts
When I add a shape I chose the Overlay in Blend Mode to make it a more effective add-on image in the text, you would also notice that the twitter window is in Ghost mode so I can have a better look on the design I’m making and I rotated the leaf to have a better angle.
By adding an image I tweak a little bit of things and chose a Multiply blend and I also turn off the twitter window so I can have a clear look on the image.


When you’re finish, click the “Generate Image” button and you can either save it or directly export it to Twitter for instant usage.


This is what I made to a blank canvas
and for my live twitter background you can take a peek here:
Twitter Buttons by
Having a customized background for your Twitter account enhance your identity, express yourself and provide important information regarding personal or business and Free Twitter Designer give you that experience by providing you its neat application.
I also salute them by supporting Make-A-Wish Foundation; you can enjoy their free service and also lend a hand.

“ is a pet project for us. We’re not looking to make any money off of it, we’re just hoping to provide a cool service for you and raise some money for charity at the same time.”

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