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How to Create Your Own Minecraft Pocket Edition Server on MAC OSX Using Pocketmine

Are you tired of mining and collecting all blocks you need just to create your own minecraft house? Be in control of your own map, decide on who you wants to play on your...


How to resolve: Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons Error

Having problem with your newly installed, WordPress / Joomla or other CMS Website? And is this error keep on appearing to your website? Webhost limits this things to make your website more secured. And...


How to Connect to Network Location in MAC OS X

Unlike windows, MAC has a different way to connect to shared network files or network devices. To connect to your network follow this simple steps: 1. Click Finder


Resolve Maintenance Error in WordPress

Mainly caused when an update has been interrupted during process. WordPress automatically creates a “.maintenance” file which makes the website temporarily unavailable. During this maintenance visitors will see this message: Briefly unavailable for scheduled...

Browse Website Without Getting Tracked 0

Browse Website Without Getting Tracked

Anonymouse.org – helps you keep your personal information safe. It avoid you from being track while visiting website without using software that hides your IP. It allows you to browse blocked websites anywhere in...


Capture Multiple Emails Using cPanel

Capture emails from multiple accounts at the same server. Here are the steps: On your Cpanel, select Default Address. Select Forward to email address, and fill up your desired email address and done. You...

Prevent Directory Listing Using .htaccess 0

Prevent Directory Listing Using .htaccess

Create a .htaccess file by opening a new text document using notepad and saving it as “.htaccess”. must include the quotation marks so that notepad won’t give it an extension of .txt automatically. Or...

Create A PHP Server Environment With XAMPP 0

Create A PHP Server Environment With XAMPP

XAMPP is a open source program avaible for download at sourceforge.net. This software installs Apache, MySql, PhpMyAdmin, and PHP on a Windows, Linux or Mac OS X operating systems. This is the simpliest way...