Photoshop CS6 Auto Recovery and Background Save

Adobe Photoshop Latest version CS6 now offers, Auto Recovery and Background Save.

We normally heard this Auto Recovery when we use Microsoft Office which enables auto recovering of your documents or files in such cases that the program fails. Most of this failures are caused by power failure, program error and etc. Now Photoshop has the ability to recover your work if any of these failures hits you. This is one of the most anticipated features for these release of Photoshop version. Auto Recover will be a great help for all the user as it will save them from trouble specially for designers like me. The good thing about Auto Recover is that it won’t replace your existing file, instead it will create a copy of you file but with added word on it’s file name.

Background Save, from the name itself you would know what does this feature offer. This will enable you to work on your Photoshop file while saving. Previously you would need to finish saving before you can go back to what you are working. Now you can worry less on saving, and focus more on working.



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