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How to enable developer mode on Chrome browser

Enable developer mode on Chrome to edit your extensions or modify extensions that you like. Here are the steps: Step 1. Open your Chrome browser. Step 2. Click on the menu icon on the...

How to install Bot for Clash of Clan for Auto Gold, elixir, dark elixir collection using Bluestack and Brokenbot on a PC

Steps on how to install Bot for Clash of Clan: Features: Auto collection of Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir Auto Battle for looting

Do It Yourself Shutdown Button For Windows 8

Here’s the steps on how to create your own shutdown button: Go to your Desktop, press mouse right click anywhere. Select New, then Shortcut

How to Shut Down Your Microsoft Windows 8?

Where to find shut down button on Windows 8? There are three ways on how to shut down your computer on windows 8: Sign out your user, at the bottom right, select the power...

How To Lock / Unlock Password Protected Folder Using BAT File

How To Lock / Unlock Password Protected Folder Using BAT File

Have you ever wish you could lock and unlock folder so you could hide your important files without using folder properties? Now you could using BAT File. It’s a simple programming technique which will...

VirtuaWin Multiple Desktop Manager for Windows

Want more space for your desktop? Organize opened applications in separate desktops? Hide Not Safe For Work Websites from your Boss? Gaming while in the office? Open Facebook while working? Now all possible with...