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How to Fix Slow Internet and Non-Loading Webpages in Safari and MAC OS X Yosimite

Upgrading to the new MAC OS X Yosimite has it’s toll. There’s still a lot of touching up to do to make this OS X better. One of the most common problem we encountered...


Quick Fix: Cannot Type on Launchpad MAC OS X

Not being able to type on MAC OS X Launchpad can be caused by several issues. Installation of new software, accidentally pressing a combination of keys or lack of memory in your MAC. Here’s...


How to Remove Start Up Applications on Mac OS X to Speed Up Your MAC

Speed up your MAC by deleting unwanted start up applications which load when you login. Steps on how to remove start up applications on MAC OS X: 1. Open System Preferences from dock or Launchpad.


How to Create Your Own Minecraft Pocket Edition Server on MAC OSX Using Pocketmine

Are you tired of mining and collecting all blocks you need just to create your own minecraft house? Be in control of your own map, decide on who you wants to play on your...


How to Fix Slow Empty Trash on MAC OSX

Is your MAC taking a very long time to finish when emptying your trash bin?   This is a common problem encountered when you have your secure empty trash option on. The feature enables...


Watch FREE Movies Using Funshion For iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV)

How to watch free HD Movies on your iPhone, iPod, iPad using Funshion? Funshion have an application for iOS but it seems to have very slow connection even you have the top of the...


Watch FREE Movies Using English Version of Funshion For MAC OS X

How to watch free HD Movies on MAC OS X using Funshion? Funshion doesn’t have an application for MAC OS X unlike the one they have for Windows or iOS. [postad]


Apple TV Has No Sound When Using Airplay

Having trouble on your Apple TV Airplay Audio? There’s no sound when using Airplay on your Macbook?   Steps on how to resolve issue: Turn off Wifi on your Macbook Turn it back on...


How to Connect to Network Location in MAC OS X

Unlike windows, MAC has a different way to connect to shared network files or network devices. To connect to your network follow this simple steps: 1. Click Finder