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How to set Adsense Payments to Wire Transfer

Steps by step tutorial on how to set Adsense Payments to Bank Transfer.

How to remove Gmail App from an Android device

Video tutorial on how to remove your native Gmail App from any Android device.

How to Remove Most Visited Site on Chrome Browser

Video tutorial on how to remove most visited site on chrome browser.

How to embed facebook post update on wordpress.org

Steps on how to embed facebook post update on wordpress.org 

How to Translate Website Contents Using iOS Device and Google Chrome App

Having trouble on browsing website with foreign language? not a problem.  Google Chrome App on iOS device just recently released an update which enables user to use Google Translate. You can now browse your...

How to Insert Google Ads in Your WordPress Post Using Shortcode

Aside from putting ads on sidebars, header and footer. Including ads inside your post will help on increasing revenue from Google Ads. This is the easiest way to have that ads on your post...

Create Your Own Currency Converter Powered by Google

Create your own currency converter using Free Google API Step 1: Create new HTML file modify design as desired. Step 2: Insert this lines to your HTML codes <iframe src=”http://www.google.com/finance/converter” height=”240″ width=”320″></iframe> Preview:  ...

How To Put Adsense On WordPress

Ever wonder how to place a Google ads on your website without installing any plugins? Widgets enable you to insert Arbitrary text, HTML/PHP or shortcodes into your wordpress website. Here are the steps on how...