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How to Translate Website Contents Using iOS Device and Google Chrome App

Having trouble on browsing website with foreign language? not a problem.  Google Chrome App on iOS device just recently released an update which enables user to use Google Translate. You can now browse your...

How to Fix iPad / iPhone iOS 7 that Cannot Connect to App Store

How to resolve error on connecting to app store?

How to Remove Moon Icon on IPAD / Iphone iOS 7 Status Bar

Have you noticed a Moon Icon beside the clock of your Ipad or Iphone, and you have no idea what is it for? [postad] The Moon Icon actually indicates that you are in a...

How To Recover Saved Password on iPad / iPhone / iPod Safari iOS 7

Steps on How To Recover Saved Password on iPad / iPhone / iPod Safari iOS 7 Step 1: Open Settings then select Safari. Click on Passwords & AutoFill.

Watch FREE Movies Using Funshion For iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV)

How to watch free HD Movies on your iPhone, iPod, iPad using Funshion? Funshion have an application for iOS but it seems to have very slow connection even you have the top of the...

Watch FREE Movies Using English Version of Funshion For MAC OS X

How to watch free HD Movies on MAC OS X using Funshion? Funshion doesn’t have an application for MAC OS X unlike the one they have for Windows or iOS. [postad]

On-Screen Home Button On iPhone

To have an on-screen home button simply activate AssistiveTouch from Settings-General-Accessibility. AssistiveTouch also includes the following functions: Device – Rotate Screen, Lock Screen, Volume Up, Volume Down, Shake and Unmute. Favorites Gestures