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How to Translate Website Contents Using iOS Device and Google Chrome App

Having trouble on browsing website with foreign language? not a problem.  Google Chrome App on iOS device just recently released an update which enables user to use Google Translate. You can now browse your...


How to resolve: Warning: ini_set() has been disabled for security reasons Error

Having problem with your newly installed, WordPress / Joomla or other CMS Website? And is this error keep on appearing to your website? Webhost limits this things to make your website more secured. And...


How to Insert Google Ads in Your WordPress Post Using Shortcode

Aside from putting ads on sidebars, header and footer. Including ads inside your post will help on increasing revenue from Google Ads. This is the easiest way to have that ads on your post...


How to Add Snow Effect on WordPress

Gear up your blog for the holidays! There is nothing more cooler than a snow effect on your blog. Add a snow effect on WordPress 3.8 in the fastest way possible.


How to Add Airport Time Capsule to Existing Network on OSX 10.9 Mavericks

Step by Step tutorial on How to Add Airport Time Capsule to Existing Network [postad] Step 1: Open Launch Pad and select Airport Utility. Step 2: Click other Wi-Fi Devices and Select Airport Time Capsule.  ...


How to Fix Slow Empty Trash on MAC OSX

Is your MAC taking a very long time to finish when emptying your trash bin?   This is a common problem encountered when you have your secure empty trash option on. The feature enables...


How to Fix iPad / iPhone iOS 7 that Cannot Connect to App Store

How to resolve error on connecting to app store? Apple iPhone 6s 16GB Unlocked GSM 4G LTE Smartphone w/12MP Camera – Rose Gold… $327.74 Buy This Item Apple iPhone 4S 16GB Unlocked...


How to Remove Moon Icon on IPAD / Iphone iOS 7 Status Bar

Have you noticed a Moon Icon beside the clock of your Ipad or Iphone, and you have no idea what is it for? [postad] The Moon Icon actually indicates that you are in a...


How To Recover Saved Password on iPad / iPhone / iPod Safari iOS 7

Steps on How To Recover Saved Password on iPad / iPhone / iPod Safari iOS 7 Step 1: Open Settings then select Safari. Click on Passwords & AutoFill. Apple iPhone 4 (MD439LL/A) – 8GB...


How to Close All Safari Tabs on iPad / iPhone / iPod iOS 7

Tired of closing a what seems to be a never ending Safari Tabs? Here’s what to do to Force Close all tabs: [postad] Unlike before on iOS 6, no need to go to settings....