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How to Limit iPhone / iPad Users from Using Other Apps by Guided Access

Guided Access is a new feature on iOS 7 which enables the owner of the device to limit users from accessing Apps other than the ones that they are currently using. Guided Access keeps...


How To Recover Saved Password on iPad / iPhone / iPod Safari iOS 7

Steps on How To Recover Saved Password on iPad / iPhone / iPod Safari iOS 7 Step 1: Open Settings then select Safari. Click on Passwords & AutoFill.


Create Your Own Currency Converter Powered by Google

Create your own currency converter using Free Google API Step 1: Create new HTML file modify design as desired. Step 2: Insert this lines to your HTML codes <iframe src=”http://www.google.com/finance/converter” height=”240″ width=”320″></iframe> Preview:  ...


Photoshop CS6 Auto Recovery and Background Save

Adobe Photoshop Latest version CS6 now offers, Auto Recovery and Background Save. We normally heard this Auto Recovery when we use Microsoft Office which enables auto recovering of your documents or files in such...


Send Files Using Frostwire 5

The latest version of Frostwire, now has the ability to send large files or entire folder over the internet. Frostwire uploads the file or folder to their affiliate hosting sites and provide user a link...


Adding GoogleTalk To Your Iphone

Google Talk is not available in Iphone App Store, you must add it manually in able to use it in your Iphone. Please follow the this steps: In your Iphone, go to your Safari...

Place An AddThis Buttons On Blogger 0

Place An AddThis Buttons On Blogger

Steps on how to add Addthis button to your every post: 1. Goto Blogger. Go under Design tab. Click on Add a Gadget.2. Under Basic Gadgets, select HTML/JavaScript. Leave it first.3. Goto Addthis Website...


Convert Videos Using Adobe Media Encoder CS5

Adobe Media Encoder is a bundled software for Flash CS5. It accepts and converts to a wide range of video formats. A very simple user interface that even newbies can handle. Fast rendering and produces good...


Putting Twitter on your Website

How to put Twitter on your website: Go to this link: http://twitter.com/about/resources Choose what twitter apps you want. Select your Widget from: Profile Widget – where you can put your own tweets on your...

Prevent Directory Listing Using .htaccess 0

Prevent Directory Listing Using .htaccess

Create a .htaccess file by opening a new text document using notepad and saving it as “.htaccess”. must include the quotation marks so that notepad won’t give it an extension of .txt automatically. Or...