Step 1: Go to profile, you can do this by clicking on Profile link located at Facebook’s upper right corner menu or if you want to sync Facebook Pages with Blogger, Select Accounts link at the same menu, choose which Page you want to sync with then click Go to Page.

Step 2: Once you’re in your Profile/Pages, click on the Notes tab. If you currently have no Notes tab, you can add it by selecting the + sign.

Step 3:Under Notes options located right below your Profile/Page Photo, below subcribe category, Click on edit import settings. this will redirect you to import a blog page.

Step 4: Then modify settings by entering your website url or RSS/Atom Feed address. Check on the terms & conditions and you’re done.

Step 5: Once done. It will give you a preview of your website’s feed. Then just proceed. You can now go to your Profile/Page to check. It should display all the RSS/Atom Feeds your website have.